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They are professional, thorough, and reasonably priced. Owners George and Ann Marie Meder are great.

Howard / Orlando, FL

Who We Are

Welcome to The Plumbing Specialist, a family owned and run local company that offers expert plumbing and general services at a reasonable price. Started over 14 years ago, The Plumbing Specialist has over the years grown in experience and skill to become one of the most reliable plumbing contractor in the Central Florida area. As a family-oriented company, we handle every project with care and conscientiousness; two work ethics that have seen us build a great reputation and work relationships with our clients and partners. 

Our wide range of services ensures that while working with us, you will not need to subcontract any of the plumbing issues you may need sorted because we are unable to perform it. Rest assured that our many years of experience have made us the Plumbing Specialists that we are. With services ranging from residential and commercial construction plumbing installations to repair and renovation work, The Plumbing Specialist is your all-inclusive partner when it comes to a holistic approach to resolving plumbing issues. 

One of the service delivery policies we have that makes us stand out from the crowd is our 2-for-1 policy. What this means is that for most jobs we contract, we always send two plumbers to do the job while only charging you for one. This is contrary to what most other plumbing contractor do as they often charge for every plumber who shows up. 

To help families with this, we only set our charges based on industry norms and will never charge any more than we have advertised. This means that as long as you have us on speed dial, you do not have to worry that we will come and charge you more than what you thought we would charge. So if you have some plumbing or related issues you would like sorted out, give us a call today or visit our services page and we guarantee you will not be disappointed!

We Are Certified!

The Plumbing Specialist also boasts state certification grade “Master Plumber”, something that takes years of practice to achieve and that we are very proud of. We also have a BBB rating of A+ that has helped give our customers the confidence and reassurance of working with us and they have not been disappointed. 

When you contract us, our 2-for-1 policy will see the work completed in half the time it would take one plumber to complete and because you are only paying for one plumber, you end up paying half the cost you would have paid if only one plumber showed up. 

In addition to this, we also have a pricing policy that favours our clients in these hard economic times. As a family owned and run business, we are very aware of the challenge of unforeseen costs and the difficulty with which families have to find ways to pay for them. Plumbing problems rate highly on this list of unforeseeable costs. 

 License # CFC1426272